10th June / 2020
#BlackLivesMatter. Silence is not an option. Ever.

Included VC is focused on opening the doors of Venture Capital for everyone – regardless of colour, gender, life experiences or beliefs. To provide access, opportunity and knowledge, to individuals from underrepresented backgrounds and overlooked communities.

We at Included VC stand with the Black community – against systemic injustice, any & every form of racism & police brutality.
The internal pain and anguish faced and felt by our black fellows and individuals globally has made us stop, reflect, listen, educate ourselves and speak out; with a few tears along the way.

We wholly commit to continually using our platform and voice to further work on long-term solutions to increase diversity within VC.

Can we do more? Absolutely yes.
Will we do more? Now more than ever.

We are aware that words are not enough. To show our ongoing commitment to aspiring VCs and founders alike, we pledge to undertaking three different initiatives for those who identify as Black, and working with 20+ Community Organisations.

1) Executive Coaching
* 20 individual sessions for those nominated by our Community Partners

2) 'Open Access Hours' with Investors from all the Included VC funds
*100 individuals nominated by our Community Partners

3) Virtual Summit to learn from some of Europe's best investors. There will be 8-10 sessions covering a range of topics, including:

  • How a fund works and the mechanics
  • Creating a strong investment thesis
  • Trends and industries - Fintech, Gaming, etc
  • Drafting investment Memos
  • What investors are looking for
  • Various careers in VC
  • How to source deal flow