Building the future of venture capital together

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Entrepreneurs come from everywhere. Any background, geography, ethnicity, upbringing, or belief system. They are outliers, taking risks to solve big problems.

Entrepreneurialism and potential are equally distributed, but venture capital is not. Included builds diverse networks within excluded entrepreneurial communities to solve this inequality.

If you want to pursue a career within the European VC industry, Included was created for you.


How does Included work?


Included works closely with a diverse group of Fellows across Europe who join a life-changing remote 12-month (5-7 hours a month) venture capital program.

During this program, Fellows gain education and insider access to Europe's top venture capital firms and their portfolio companies. In return, our venture capital partners form deep connections with incredibly diverse communities, building new networks, and nurturing staff and investments.

Fellows receive training and exposure to the world of venture capital, with 1-1 mentoring, expert masterclasses, case studies and dealflow deep dives. They will build bridges between their entrepreneurial community and potential sources of funding and employment.


Our stakeholders



Advocates with unique exposure to their diverse community, and want to pursue a career in venture capital.



Firms building diversity as a core within their team and investments.


Community Partners

Organisations that have diversity and inclusion at their core.


Why Included?

The venture capital industry backs outliers and technology entrepreneurs who can change the world. However, traditional methods of pattern recognition and 'warm introductions' limit diversity and reduce exposure to many of the most talented entrepreneurs.

While teams with different skills and backgrounds are proven to outperform on almost every metric, diversity still falls far behind in both venture capital staff and investment diversity. Included was created to address this gap.



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